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  • January 22, 2019
  • 9:30am - 10:15am
  • Kildonan Karate
  • Hot Mama Fit Winnipeg North
22 Jan, 2019

Mama & Me: Flex & Flow @ 1115 Henderson Hwy

This class was designed to focus on muscular endurance by using light weight and repetitive isometric and mini pulse contractions while also experiencing a cardiovascular benefit as well. We’ll hold, pulse, flex and flow a solid BURN of arms, legs, core and well the whole she-bang. What are you waiting […]

  • January 23, 2019
  • 11:00am - 11:45am
  • Kildonan Karate
  • Hot Mama Fit Winnipeg North
23 Jan, 2019

Mama & Me: Divide & Conquer @ 1115 Henderson Hwy

This 45 minute class was designed for those of you who want a little bit of everything! Divided into sections of cardio, strength, core and mind-body work, this class will have your heart pumping, your muscles burning and your mind rested. Join us for this incredible sweat sesh and we […]

  • January 25, 2019
  • 10:00am - 10:45am
  • Kildonan Karate
  • Hot Mama Fit Winnipeg North
25 Jan, 2019

Mama & Me: Mamas Choice @ 1115 Henderson Hwy

Hey Mamas  I will come prepared for 3 options and you choose your workout! All Strength or All Cardio or a mix of both. Once we all arrive we will put it to a vote! How exciting…. Gotta keep it fresh right?! This class is for ALL fitness levels! Your […]

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Postpartum Initiative

FREE classes for women between 8–24 weeks postpartum. Find the support, love and laughter you need!

Body Smarts

Hot Mama's 12-week fitness & nutrition education program! Lose weight, learn about proper nutrition & find group support like no other!

Mama & Me Fitness

Safe, fun and effective classes that you can bring your entire crew to. Newborns, mobile babes, toddlers and kids ALL welcome!

Toddler Tag-Out

Bring your Minis of all ages (newborn to school-aged) to workout. You sweat. They laugh and have active play.

Back on the Bandwagon

Have you gone off the rails lately when it comes to your workouts and calorie intake?
Hmmmm? Have you?

Bootylicious Run Group

New to running? Want to laugh & learn to run at the same time? Join us and achieve those run goals you've been contemplating.


Join our 28-day at-home fitness and nutrition program! No Hot Mama near you? No problem. You can join us through our online program!

Workout & Wine Nights

What more do we have to say. We workout. Then we drink wine and laugh...a lot! Join us for these crazy night & many other events!

Screw the Scale

Our 8-week Screw the Scale Strength & Empower class will make you sweat and make you stronger. You are more than numbers on a scale.

Screw the Scale — Online

A 6-week online fitness program like you've never seen before. Step off the scale and learn how to use fitness to love your body again!

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Meet Your Main Mama

Michelle Malkoske

Hot Mama & Franchise Owner

Also known as...

Michelle ... plain and simple.... or mama or moooooooooooommmmmmmm

I am a Hot Mama because...

Well I’m a Mama (YEAH!). I’m a Mama who was not feeling so great post baby and wanted to get back to the gym and back to my once healthy lifestyle. One midnight (while perusing Facebook after feeding my mini) I came across this hot pink logo…. Enter stage right …. Hot Mama Health and Fitness!

Joining the Hot Mama team and building my own Hot Mama community is the best decision I have ever made because...

Well let me tell you…. I love kids…. All the kids… but especially babies! I love being a mama! I love laughing and playing with my minis and their Rad Dad I love making friends and being social! I love being active! And I really like the colour PINK! With Hot Mama I get to have ALL THE THINGS!

Meet my family...

Me The Hot Mama Matt The Rad Dad Z, the oldest (also a social butterfly) J, the oreo middle A, aka the baby

My favourite healthy snack is... But secretly I would rather be having...

Greek Yogurt mixed with Peanut Butter, cinnamon and flax seed… Then dip some green apples in that… delish! (minis call it “Goodie Dip” haha) I would rather be eating…. Chocolate, or some loaded nachos with tons of guacamole and sour cream! YUM YUM! I think I was some now….

My perfect Sunday morning is...

Sleep in (eventually wake up to hopefully no kids crying) and eat pancakes, eggs and bacon….And coffee! Coffee on Sunday is for leisure …. But coffee on Monday is a necessity

My dream vacation is...

Australia or New Zealand or OH! WAIT! Those fancy Islands off the coast of Dubai. YES! With my dreamy husband (and no kids) DREAM VACATION

World Domination!
31 December 2019 Tuesday - 12:00 am
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